Whether it is a standard electrical cable, ropes or self-supporting cable bundles, TKT has the solution even for the most demanding applications. Our broad experience in different industries, and demanding markets, gives us the ability to respond quickly and efficiently.

Instalation Cables

They are used for industrial and domestic fixed installation, for connection of smaller electrical devices.

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Power cables (copper and aluminum)

Power cables for energy supply are installed in open, underground, water, concrete, in enclosed spaces, cable ducts, in power plants and in industry, in urban networks where you do not expect mechanical damages, and the cables are not exposed to the mechanical tensile strain.

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Mostly used for power transmission lines.

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Self-supporting Cable Bundles

These cables are designed for power distribution in the local network in the industry, for the lighting of roads. They are also used as the connecting cables. They are placed on poles, consoles, facades of houses, the wooden and iron construction.

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Donacija didaktičkih igračaka

Danas smo donirali didaktičke igračke za djecu u vrtiću Tomislavgrad.

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